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About OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group

OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group is present in the insurance market in Romania since 1995. The market share, our products and customer portfolio, and services are a confirmation of the top position OMNIASIG VIG occupies on the Romanian insurance market today.

We are passionate about our job and we want to achieve excellence in insurance, for the people.

We constantly invest in the future and build a strong brand whose foundation is created by our insurance specialists.

The customer is the center of our concerns.

We translate technical insurance features into benefits for our customers. We ensure that the most important things in their life, health, family, properties and their businesses benefit from the best and most complete insurance coverage there is.

We continuously improve our services and products, thus our customers do not compromise. We are ready to offer solutions because we know how important it is to benefit from all the best when you need insurance services.