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Starting out or already on the heights of success, business means both possibilities, optimism and courage. From the perspective of business success, one should not overlook one of the main disadvantages of management, namely the risk.

Being a manager means having responsibilities and involves making decisions with major and direct impact on the business. A good strategy and visionary thinking, along with protecting the company assets can lead the business to success.

Since every business is unique, a suitable insurance plan is needed. In conclusion, securing the business, it assets, employees, liability is the best decision one could ever take to ensure your business continuity.


Cars are a business’ engine, choose tailored protection for your business needs or the ALL RISKS type and things will always be in constant motion.


The basis for ensuring the business is the location, then add the goods, including breakable, inventory, equipment and facilities, even gross profit.


A business cannot be lead to success without one of its most important resource: the employees. They take from your passion, transposing it in their work and pass on to your clients. This is why you must be careful and protect them


It is important to take into account the business’s impact on employees, customers, neighbors and others who may be directly affected.


Machinery breakdown – MB; Electronic equipment - EEI; Construction All Risks/ Erection All Risks - CAR/EAR.


For land, maritime and air transport; CARGO, valuables, containers.


Contractual warranties - For companies operating in the construction sector for contractual warranties for tenders, execution and performance of public procurement contracts.

Travel agencies - Insurance for insolvency or bankruptcy of the travel agencies on reimbursement of repatriation and / or the amounts paid by the tourist.

Marine and aircraft


  • Hull & Machinery
  • Pleasure craft
  • Ship Builders’ Risks
  • Ship repairers’ Liability
  • Terminal Operators
  • P&I: protection & indemnity


Protection for: aircraft, accidents, third party liability for passengers, baggage and cargo; liability for airports and Air Traffic Control Administration and aviation service providers.


Recent experience has shown us that natural phenomena and not only represent major risks for both agricultural production and for livestock and poultry. With agricultural insurance, the effects of disasters can be "tamed".