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Solving the complaints procedure

Any person or entity, if deemed injured in his rights (recognized by law / provided by the insurance contract, or unjustified refusal of execution may on the right) can address society to recognize that right and damage recovery.

To resolve amicably such situations, you can contact:

A. Request for information on the state claim file opened or its payment to either of the following:

  • phone call by phone: 021 224 1:01 (normal tariff in Telekom. Phone calls are charged according to the rates in force Telecom. Details on href="www.telekom.ro" www.telekom.ro )
  • by filling in the form on which you can find in the window Omniasistenta;
  • e-mail to asistenta@omniasig.ro .

B. Submitting a petition using one of the following ways:

  • filing at the company (headquarters, branch offices, agencies, working points OMNIASIG VIG) a written petition or petition filling the form existing in the territorial units;
  • e-mail to reclamatii@omniasig.ro ;
  • via post / courier to the address of the head office: Al. Alexandru, nr. 51, sector 1, Bucharest;
  • through the company website www.omniasig.ro - Omniasistenta way.

All petitions are registered in the register of petitions regardless of how unique their reception: from registration by electronic mail (e-mail) through the online system (module Omniasistenta). Petitions received by one of the above-mentioned methods, OMNIASIG VIG will send an official response to the address indicated by the petitioner (via email or by Romanian Post / Courier).

The term of solving the petition shall not exceed 30 calendar days from the date of registration receipt, according to Norm ASF no. 24/2014.


  • No records petitions / complaints received by phone.
  • the petitions Anonymous or not the applicant's identification data (name, address, contact data) are not taken into account and ranks with the mention "NO DATA complainers".

To resolve requests for information on the status of complaints, you can send an e-mail at: reclamatii@omniasig.ro or contact us at the numbers phone: 021 231 50 40 (normal tariff in Telekom. phone calls are charged according to the rates in force Telekom. Details on href="www.telekom.ro" www.telekom.ro )