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Steps to follow in case of motor claims

The damage is being reported through a NON STOP call center, 24 hours a day, 365 day a year, including SATURDAY and SUNDAY, calling the phone number 021.9669 (normal charges) and 004.021.601.15.99 (abroad calls)

Advising the damage is done immediately after the occurrence of the insured event, or once you have taken notice about it, by telephone at the number above. Advising the damage must be done immediately, even if you want to make the ascertainment of the damage another day.

Damage advising implies providing different information about the event:

  • Identification and contact data of the people involved in the event, especially the data of the person that advised the event and of the person that was driving both the insured vehicle and the damaged one - if needed;
  • The causes and circumstances in which the event occurred, including the details about where and when the event took place - date, time;
  • Identification data of the vehicles involved in the event
  • Details regarding the location and the condition of the damaged vehicle
  • The place where you want the ascertainment.

The information above are easy to provide if you have at least the following documents:

  • insurance policy;
  • identification card;
  • identification card / Registration certificate of the damaged car;
  • driving license belonging to the person driving during the occurrence of the accident;
  • documents issued by authorities (police / fire) or the amiable report, by case;
  • other documents depending on the produced event.
  • The documents selected above are only the basic documents required to be at your hand when you advise the damage. You may be asked to show some extra documents and they may not represent all the documents needed in order to solve the damage.

    After you provide this data you will receive a file number which must be presented at the ascertainment point where you will receive all the information you need in order to ascertain the damage.

    Documents for Green Card Insurance Claims

    Green Card insurance covers the damages your vehicle produces to other motor vehicles, goods or other persons outside the territory of Romania

    In case of damages produced outside the territory of Romania by a Green Card beneficiary, he must proceed as it follows:

    • ! All the documents the Green Card beneficiary completes and signs must be previously translated in a known language;
    • ! The Green Card Insured must not accept signing documents that claim him as being guilty for producing the accident, in case he doesn’t consider himself guilty ; otherwise he will bear the counter-value for the damages;
    • Completing the amiable report at an accident occurrence;
    • IMPORTANT – In case of an accident occurrence dial the number registered on the Green Card insurance policy ………. (NON-STOP available number)
    • After returning the country, the Green Card insured has to transmit, immediately after coming back on the Romanian territory, a statement about the damages produced abroad, statement that will be transmitted forward to OMNIASIG, using one of the following fax numbers: (021)231.50.28 or secretariat fax. The statement must contain the following information:
      • How the accident occurred
      • Who is guilty of the accident occurrence
      • What material damages or bodily injuries were produced as a consequence of the accident?

    After opening the claim file

    • The client will ask the claim inspector, that wrote the ascertainment note, for the list of repair units which have concluded agreements of direct settlement with OMNIASIG (the indemnity payment is performed directly by OMNIASIG at the specific unit and the repaired motor vehicle is reclaimed by the client on the basis of a payment acceptance).
    • Until the repair is finalized, at OMNIASIG must be deposited the claims for damages, the repair bill, the repair estate, as well as the documents requested through the ascertainment note. For the repair units that concluded agreements of direct settlement with OMNIASIG, the motor vehicle release from the service is done on the basis of a “payment acceptance”(the settlement is done directly between the service and OMNIASIG, the client is not obliged to pay the repair counter-value). For expediting the receipt of the payment acceptance or for the moment of the motor vehicle release to coincide with the moment of finalizing the repair, please request the repair unit for the final repair estate with a minimum of 2 days before it is finalized.

    ! After finalizing any claim (disregarding the number of claims registered by a motor vehicle), the insured doesn’t have the obligation of any additional payment (reunification of the insured sum), the insured sum remaining the one since the concluding the insurance policy.

    For assistance in case of damage, you can dial the number 021-9669 – NON- STOP, for Bucharest and all the country’s districts.

    Prices according to current Telekom rates, for details check  www.Telekom.ro