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The history of the new OMNIASIG VIG went through distinct stages of development according to the evolution of the Romanian insurance market as a whole. Thus, in 1995 OMNIASIG is established, and later in 2005 became a part of WIENER STADTISCHE Group.

BCR Insurance member of the BCR Group, established in 2001, became a part of Vienna Insurance Group in 2009.

On 1st of May 2012, BCR Asigurari Vienna Insurance Group merged with the old OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group resulting the largest and most important insurance company in Romania, OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group.


1995 OMNIASIG was founded


2001 BCR Asigurari was founded


2005 OMNIASIG  became a part of WIENER STAEDISTCHE (Vienna Insurance Group)


2008 BCR Asigurari became a part of Vienna Insurance Group


1st of May 2012 OMNIASIG VIG - A new beginning

Vienna Insurance Group, the main shareholder of OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group and BCR Asigurari Vienna Insurance Group, decided to merge the two companies in order  to create the most powerful and largest insurance company in Romania, under one name: OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group.