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We want to change people's perception about what an insurance company represents, and aspire to a higher level of excellence in what we do. We want our approach to be customized, for each client is unique.

We do our job with utmost professionalism as financial advisor of the family, and as a business partner that clients can rely on no matter what.


We invest resources to understand our customers, and dedicate our entire activity to meet their insurance needs.

We are everywhere, close to every client.

We constantly evolve and come up with solutions in terms of products, services and technologies we offer.



We identify with people in everything we do, and take care of their present and future.

We treat each person with respect as a human being, as a customer , partner , employee , colleague.

We strongly believe in people and their possibility to them to improve people's lives. Thus, we rely on people in everything we do and for the goals we settle. We want to share with people our projects, our hopes, our expectations, accomplishments but also the expectations.

But first of all we are determined to be people in everything we do, in our activities and contribute to the evolution of the human being. And not only when talking about insurance.


Os an organization, as we all as humans we aim to achieve excellence in our work .

We are perfectionists and continuously improve what we do because we invest energy, knowledge and commitment.

We believe in evolution, in better, and in exceeding standards and we want to be perceived as such through our actions and behavior.


Have confidence, we are here to take care of you and handle insurable risks than might affect you.

The trust relationship between us is all that matters throughout our collaboration. It is similar to trust you give your doctor: go to medical checks to prevent the disease, and in case anything happens, you trust him to solve the situation that arises.

We are a strong organization in financial terms, building confidence in each year of our existence.


We constantly pursue both the market trends and customer needs, but do not copy or repeat ourselves.

We love innovation and encourage cutting-edge approaches. We do not want to pretend that we can predict the future, we live the future now.

Integrity and Transparency

We value and promote the honest behavior, the fair play and integrity in all aspects and actions.

We continue to educate our customers so that they realize the importance and necessity of insurance.

Always properly inform customers about potential risks and offer them real protection through the insurance services we provide.


OMNIASIG VIG is responsible in its activities to:


OMNIASIG VIG, through experience and financial strength, is taking care of clients for over 18 years. Their satisfaction is measured through various research studies, surveys and continuous monitoring of complaints and suggestions received.

OMNIASIG VIG pays great attention to after-sales services, especially those related to prompt and fair compensation. Any OMNIASIG VIG client who suffered an insured damage, may notify by phone at 021 9669 � our call center is available to any network.

OMNIASIG VIG has a broad network, covering all counties, thus customers can access our services rapidly.

OMNIASIG VIG is certified by SRAC for ISO 9001:2008 standard. This standard certifies to our customers that OMNIASIG VIG operates according to an internationally recognized quality system, representative for both quality products and services and for organization management .


OMNIASIG VIG develops relationships with suppliers based on tolerance, mutual respect and non- discriminatory attitude , while taking into account ethical and legal rules in force. During the process of a service provider selection OMNIASIG VIG asks for multiple offers, compares them, and depending on price and quality, chooses the provider that offers the best services in terms of quality and price.


OMNIASIG VIG has a strategy aimed to sustain and build a balanced development of the company. Thus, investors can benefit from the profitability of their investments made in the long term.

Environmental impact

OMNIASIG VIG believes in a green future. For this reason, the company is focused on developing products that will contribute to lowering environmental impacts.

Together with its employees OMNIASIG VIG promotes the use of energy saving and adopting other eco friendly measures.

OMNIASIG VIG encourages its employees to safely use the energy, water and other limited resources in the most responsible way , to print e-mail messages only if is absolutely necessary .


As a leading company in the insurance market, OMNIASIG VIG has a strong reputation among civil society and wants to be a leader in terms of social responsibility in all that undertakes for the community it belongs to.


OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group holds a complex reinsurance program in order to cover all major underwriting portfolios, and allow the transfer of underwritten risks, providing financial stability. Among the companies located in the world's top reinsurers that OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group has signed partnerships with are: Gen Re (rated AA + by Standard & Poor's), Swiss Re (rated AA- by Standard & Poor's ), Hannover Re (rated AA- by Standard & Poor's), Partner Re (rated A+ by Standard & Poor's ), Unions Lloyd's (rated A+ by Standard & Poor's ), VIG Re (rated A+ by Standard & Poor's), SCOR (rated A by Standard & Poor's) , Mapfre Re (rated A by Standard & Poor's) , Endurance (rated A by Standard & Poor's) , XL Re (rated A by Standard & Poor's).