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Insured: the person whose health is covered by the policy - any person included in the insurance categories - main or additional - ( who have hematopoietic stem cells and / or mesenchymal harvested at birth, stored in a specialized bank) and provides additional (mother, father, brothers or sisters on the main insured)

Object of insurance:

The cost of the medical services (including hospitalization) for:

  • Pre-transplant tests and procedures (including treatment for side effects of the conditioning process (chemo and radiotherapy);
  • Transplant made to the main insured person or to additional insured ones (mother, father, brothers or sisters of the insured) with their stem cells collected at birth or with stem cells taken from other donors;
  • Treatment of the side effects/complications that may occur after transplantation, but no later than 12 months from the transplantation.

Expenses with the accommodation/transport in the sublime of 3,500 euro per insured period:

  • expenses with the transport (with medication/without medication) for the insured and a companion;
  • expenses with the accommodation of a companion (on the period of treatment and transplant made in another location than the residency).

Period of insurance:

1 – 20 years

Payment of the insurance premium:

You can choose the payment installment:  Integral or with a maximum of 4 installments