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Vision,  mission

All of the activities within OMNIASIG VIG support the company's values, in terms of social responsibility and put people first: employees and customers, as well as trust, integrity and transparency towards them.

OMNIASIG VIG promotes excellence and responsibility in every step it take as a company through its employees. The main purpose is to contribute to the development of the modern society, of which we are all part of.

Social responsibility is the motto under which all of OMNIASIG VIG activities are developed. In terms of social involvement and volunteer activities, we want to impose a way of conduct for all our employees and become a role model for the other companies.

  • Objectives
  • support the orphans or the children from poor families, the disabled, the elderly and disadvantaged groups;
  • support the traditions, the art values and Romanian culture;
  • support the green future;
  • support outdoor activities and the access for all people to a healthy life;
  • support the public education regarding fire prevention, disasters, and accidents.

As one of the leading insurance companies in Central and Eastern Europe, Vienna Insurance Group - OMNIASIG VIG major shareholder - is aware of its social responsibilities and supports long-term initiatives that contribute to improving people's lives.

At the initiative of Vienna Insurance Group shareholder, OMNIASIG VIG launched for its employees ' -Social Active Day -campaign. All employees are free to choose the social - humanitarian cause they want to be involved, either support orphans or children from families with limited financial possibilities, offer their support to the elder, or provide support to disabled people. Whether they want to ease the suffering of the old, bring a smile to a child or help a disabled person, any involvement is welcomed.

In support of this idea, all employees of OMNIASIG VIG are encouraged to get involved in volunteering, by taking part or organizing social projects. And all of these happen out of care for people.