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Home Assistence

The service is available for household insurance clients, who chose this protection for their insurance, or have an ALL RISKS insurance.

Events covered this service available in the 2 plans GOLD and VIP, are among the most common:

  1. GOLD Plan: covered events can be generated by the following causes:
    • Damage to water and sanitation facilities (eg water pipes breaking, clogging water pipes)
    • Damage to wiring;
    • Damage to the heating system (boiler, radiators, pipes);
    • Roof damage;
    • Damage to exterior doors (including blocking) and joinery / windows;
    • Failure of the gas installations (including pipelines or consumer appliances);
    • Damage, theft, loss or forgetting the keys inside the house access.
  2. VIP Plan: In addition to the GOLD plan – expenses for site restoration  is the repairs needed breaking the wall and / or similar action to identify and reach the source causing damage.

Emergency Center - 021.9765, available 24/24 hours