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Your safety and your family’ is in your hands, thus you want protect the loved ones, know they are safe from accidents, that their health is assured and that you will enjoy the pleasant experiences of travelling. You want to be sure that the house and car, perhaps the most valuable investments so far, will be only sources of comfort and not reasons of concern. And when it comes to your job, you must be sure that your professionalism is never put into question.


The car brings comfort and independence in everyday life, holidays, business. You drive daily on public roads and, most often it is a real challenge. A moment of lack of attention on your part or other road users can mean significant expenses.


Home may be the most valuable investment that you ever did and, certainly, it is your most cherished asset, it says who you are and gives the desired comfort both to you, and your family. The destructive potential of the natural phenomena that can affect the area where you live, but especially the risk with a higher frequency of occurence such as fire, explosion, theft, involve more attention in choosing the proper insurance, which must be adapted to your needs protection.


Voluntary health insurance means protection, safety, reliability, comfort, and provide quick access to quality health services.


Weather you travel, go on vacation, go to study, or your profession involves long or frequent trips. Whatever the reason, the experience of traveling abroad can offer you priceless memories.


Accidents can surprise you in the most unexpected moments, your health may be endangered, and the consequences can reflect on your loved ones. The accident insurance offers you financial protection to compensate for the injury and help in the road to recovery.


Whether you are a doctor, notary, lawyer, accountant, architect, engineer, building owner, landlord, tenant or have a passion hunt hunting, both in everyday life and in your profession, liability is essential. Liability insurance make sure that professionalism, hard work and your activities are never questioned.


Recent experience has shown us that natural phenomena and not only represent major risks for both agricultural production and for livestock and poultry. With agricultural insurance, the effects of disasters can be "tamed".