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Road Assistance

The service is available for Motor Hull clients for insured events, who chose this protection for their insurance, or have an ALL RISKS insurance.

Covered risks:

  • Technical malfunction that prevents starting or driving the vehicle;
  • Events occurred or not out of negligence which prevents starting or driving the insured vehicle, such as theft of parts, non or inadequate fuel supply, tire damage etc.
  • Road events resulting in damage to the vehicle, where it cannot move by its own power;
  • Theft of vehicle.

Depending on the chose plan Silver, Gold or VIP, you can have access to the following services:

  • Assistance at the place road event or failure of the insured vehicle
  • Towing defect / damaged vehicle
  • Transport of the driver, passenger and baggage
  • Accommodation at the hotel for driver and passenger
  • Repatriation of vehicle

Emergency Center 021.9765, available 24/24 hours